Another service of Alapala is, to realize all superstructure constructions, primarily architectural.
Electro-mechanic design and steel building constructions within the scope of turnkey-basis projects.



Airport Structures, Aircraft Hangars,

Seaport Structures, Shipyards, Loading Berths,

Railway Structures, Loading Platforms,

Maintenance and Repair Centers, Workshops,

Logistic Centers, Loading Bays,

Manufacturing Facilities, Factories, Processing Units,

Storage Centers, Cold Rooms, Chemical Storages, Silos, Tanks

Site Facilities, Living Camps, Mobilization Camps, Safe Haven Structures, Offices,

Dormitories, Kitchens, Laundries, Laboratories, Recreation Buildings,

PEB Steel Structures, Pipe Racks, Towers, Cranes, Bridges, Domes,

Pre-Fabricated Modular Solutions, Light Gauge Structures,



Residential Facilities, High Rise Buildings, Apartments, Villas

Touristic Resorts, Hotels Villages,

Shopping Centers, Malls, Galleries,

Auditoriums, Exhibition Centers, Show Centers

Offices, Showrooms, Sales Offices,



Sports Complexes, Gymnasiums, Stadiums,

Hospitals, Health Centers, Clinics, Recreation Buildings,

Schools, Education Centers, Universities

Stations, Service Buildings, Vehicle Inspection Centers

Military Bases, Camps,

Social Housing, Refugee Camps,

Urban Structures, Terminals, Stations, Bridges, Overpasses, Event Complexes,