“Just as people and societies use ethical values to find right path, companies also avoid making mistakes in commercial and social areas with the Work Ethics they determined.”


Being a well-established company, Alapala’s Work Ethics covers the principles of protecting corporation, employer, supplier, consumer and society in general.

  • Reliability: To provide trust and protect employees, business partners and customers with the decisions and practices taken.
  • Responsibility: To commit economic, cultural and social responsibilities towards all internal and external stakeholders, society and environment.
  • Respect: To respect personal rights, laws, social values and cultural differences.
  • Justice: To be fair among people and agencies having commercial relations with us from intra-company hierarchy to international business level.
  • Transparency: To provide a transparent relationship between the
    directors and the employees: To use a clear and soft skills for internal
    and external communication.
  • Responsibility towards the society: To act with the objective of economic, cultural and social benefits. And contributing to social development within projects detailed in Social Responsibility Principles